Cabinet of Curiosities Show 1 – Sun and Rain – Thursday 20th July 7pm

For more information about the show format, click here.

The first show will be broadcast on International Sounds on Thursday 20th July at 19:00 (BST).

You can listen using TuneIn or via the International Sounds website.

There won’t be any requests in Show 1, but we’re hoping everyone will join in and send us requests for the Themes going forwards.

This show isn’t going to be for everyone, but all I ask is that you give me one listen.  I know there are a lot of shows out there now, and it’s not possible to listen to every one and still have a life – but if you could spare me a couple of hours to try mine, that would be wonderful and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Twitter # for the show is #xmc and I really really would love to see you all there.