Cabinet of Curiosities Show 3 – Midnight Carnival – Thursday 3rd August, 7pm

Step Right Up.....

Hello Intrepid Listener, and Welcome….to the Midnight Carnival.

So many bright lights, so many sweet treats, so many forbidden delights………but what lurks at the dark beating heart of the carnival?

By the pricking of my thumbs……something wicked this way comes……….it’s a nice place to visit, but you really don’t want to stay there forever…………

Join me, your host, the Twitterer known as Xmorpheus –  for a guided tour of the Midnight Carnival on Thursday 4th August from 7-9

However, Cabinet can only vouch for your safety if you adhere to these important rules!

Important Safety Rules

Stay with the group – don’t wander off

Don’t take candy from small blue people

Don’t drink any potions

Don’t make eye contact with the Klownz

Keep your hands inside the ride at all times

Try not to die

Roll up, roll up, for all the fun of the Fayre!

You can listen using TuneIn or via the International Sounds website.