**Super Duper Mega Exclusive Festive Special Spray Competition**

Yes, those lovely people at Spray have given us a little bag of Christmas goodies, ready to be sent directly into your feverish little mitts!


That’s a CD copy of their latest album, Enforced Fun, a copy of The Best of the Cuban Boys, and a rare and limited edition “Best of Spray” CD – all signed!

All you have to do is answer the competition question correctly and then we will engage Hyper Intelligent Sloths to winnow through the millions of responses and finally, select a winner!

“He Came With the Sleigh” is a cynical reworking of which current Spray track – and what album is that track from?

Little Clue – people who visit Spray’s site will probably be better prepared for the competition question….!

We also have this very nice form ready for you to submit your answer after the show!