Show 26 back on – new station, new schedule, please read! :)

Well we are surprised and absolutely delighted to announce that we have a new station – and it’s one you will probably be familiar with already – Mad Wasp Radio! 🙂

The lovely people at Mad Wasp have taken us in from the pavement and settled us in with a nice warm schedule position of 8-10pm on Wednesdays.  So that’s an hour later than the show used to start, which I hope works well for everyone – I know it works well for me!

Diamond Lights Express is also moving, so the show rota will stay the same.

We’re very very happy with this move, even if the circumstances were less than ideal – and we look forward to having Wasps in our Cabinet to go with the bees in our bonnets!

Mad I tells ya, MAD!

“I for one welcome our new Wasp Overlords…..”
Mark Taylor