Cabinet of Curiosities Show 33 – Misheard Lyrics- #xmcab

The term mondegreen is itself a mondegreen. In November, 1954, Sylvia Wright, an American writer, published a piece in Harper_’_s where she admitted to a gross childhood mishearing. When she was young, her mother would read to her from the “Reliques of Ancient English Poetry,” a 1765 book of popular poems and ballads. Her favorite verse began with the lines, “Ye Highlands and ye Lowlands / Oh, where hae ye been? / They hae slain the Earl Amurray, / And Lady Mondegreen.” Except they hadn’t. They left the poor Earl and “laid him on the green.” He was, alas, all by himself.


Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese, Who am I to Diss a Brie……

These songs may not be curious,

but you’ll never heard them in quite the same way again!

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