Month: August 2018

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 46 – Carnival of the Animals

“He could tell by the way animals walked that they were keeping time to some kind of music.
Maybe it was the song in their own hearts that they walked to.” 

— Laura Adams Armer (Waterless Mountain)

The Animals came in two by two – Hurrah!
Carnival of the Curious Animals…..
Free entry for Puffins!
A parade of peculiar pets,
curious critters,
quirky quadropeds
and much much more!

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 29th August
only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 45 – World Tour

“A voice said: One. One. One, two. One, two. Then the footsteps went back into the distance. After a while, another voice said: One, two, three, four- And the universe came into being. It was wrong to call it a big bang. That would just be noise, and all that noise could create is more noise and a cosmos full of random particles. Matter exploded into being, apparently as chaos, but in fact as a chord. The ultimate power chord. Everything, all together, streaming out in one huge rush that contained within itself, like reverse fossils, everything that it was going to be. And, zigzagging through the expanding cloud, alive, that first wild live music. This had shape. It had spin. It had rhythm. It had a beat, and you could dance to it. Everything did.” 
— Terry Pratchett (Soul Music (Discworld, #16; Death, #3))

Around the world in 30 songs…. give or take a track or two!
We’re not sure where we going, but we really don’t care!
Leave your bottle of water in the bin at Security,
make sure you have your passport and your phrasebook
and join us on a whistle stop tour of the globe!

There may even be Duty Free….*

*Duty Free not guaranteed

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 15th August only on Mad Wasp Radio!