Month: February 2019

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 65 – Landscapes

“They looked down on the landscapes of West 1, and then with that last step it was as if somebody had exploded a daisycutter bomb, scything away the greenery for miles around and replacing it with concrete, tarmac and steel, staining the shining river a turbid grey and penning it in with reinforced banks and bridges, all under a grubby, colourless sky. Joshua thought you couldn’t have had a better demonstration of what humanity could do to a world, given a few centuries and a lot of oil to burn.” 
Terry Pratchett (The Long War (The Long Earth #2))
Picture kindly supplied by Tanya Raftery

Trees, woods, forests
Streams, rivers, lakes
Plains, hills, fields
And some of those interesting blobs you see on ordnance survey maps

Join us as we paint a musical landscape of the world.

from 8-10, Wednesday 27th February
only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities – Show 64 – Revenge of St. Valentine: Love Hurts!

“Oh God. valentine’s Day tomorrow. Why? Why? Why is (the) entire world geared to make people not involved in romance feel stupid when everyone knows romance does not work anyway. Look at (the) royal family. Look at Mum and Dad.” 
— Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones’s Diary (Bridget Jones, #1))

Cabinet of Curiosities invites you to a night of Hearts and Flowers…….

Ok they’re freshly broken hearts, bleeding in the their barbed wire cages, and the flowers are Nightshade, sweet, dark and deadly…….
but Hearts and Flowers nonetheless.
On Valentine’s Eve, we bring you the darker side of Romance
Pain, longing, pity and passion……
And a bit with a whip!

If you’re not expecting a heady bouquet of dying severed plant genitalia and some mashed up trees this year….. then this may be the show for you

Join us as we give St. Valentine a well deserved booting!

 from 8-10, Wednesday 13th February
only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 63 – Covers: Origins

Yes, it’s that time again……. we at the Cabinet just can’t get enough of those covers…… just when you thought it was safe to turn the volume back up….. we bring you…….

Covers: Origins

Once more we boldly go where other radio shows quite sensibly refuse to go – on the grounds of musical taste………. 
*Please note this show contains virtually no origins whatsoever, we just like it as a title!

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 6th February
only on Mad Wasp Radio!