Month: September 2019

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 88 – Covers VIII – Sequel and ye shall find……

“She was a beefy young woman and, whatever piece of music she was playing, it was definitely losing.”
— Terry Pratchett 

(Moving Pictures (Discworld, #10; Industrial Revolution, #1))

Yes, it’s that time again…….
we at the Cabinet just can’t get enough of those covers……
just when you thought it was safe to turn the volume back up!

Once more we boldly go where other radio shows* quite sensibly refuse to go on the grounds of musical taste………

* they don’t need to go there, they send their requests in to me instead!

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 25th September
only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 87 – Unexpected Guests and Surprising Support Acts

No one is more worried by the actual physical manifestation of a god than his priests; it’s like having the auditors in unexpectedly.”
— Terry Pratchett (Pyramids (Discworld, #7))

So there you are, minding your own business, making music when *boom* suddenly, as if by magic, Johnny Marr appears.

Nobody likes Johnny Marr sneaking up on them….
so we’ve managed to do an entire Unexpected Guests show without him – but there are plenty of others for you.
Including a Carrot Eating solo.
And some of the most bizarre live music pairings we could find!

Prepare to be surprised and amazed.*

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 18th September

only on Mad Wasp Radio!

*you may not be surprised or amazed. No compensation will be offered. Amazement not available where prohibited by law.

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 86 – Horrible People

“Hell needed horribly bright, self-centered people like Eric.
They were much better at being nasty than demons could ever manage”
— Terry Pratchett (Eric (Discworld, #9; Rincewind #4))

Once upon a time, there was a thread on Twitter that asked….

Who are the worst people in the history of songs?

The act of being horrible – or being on the receiving end of horribleness – has produced an amazing amount of songs over the years.
We’ve picked a few for your delectation and delight –
and we’ve also picked a few classics and ask the question
“are they really as bad as you think they are?”

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 11th September
for a festival of the fetid,
a cavalcade of cads,
Cabinet of Curiosities is putting the “Rogue” into Rogues’ Gallery!
only on Mad Wasp Radio!