Month: December 2019

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 96 – Charades

What could be more Christmassy than Charades. ….

If you REALLY have nothing better to do on Christmas evening,
then why not join Cabinet for a show VERY loosely based on Charades! 😉

We have Quality Street, After Eights, Babycham and Advocaat.
(none of these things feature in the show, but I plan to have
at least 3 out of the 4 when it’s airing!)

Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 25th December

only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 95 – Misheard Lyrics II


These songs may be well known

You may have heard them a million times before

but you’ll never heard them in quite the same way again!

Why not Join us from 8-10, Wednesday 11th December

And let us ruin some of your favourite songs forever

only on Mad Wasp Radio!

Cabinet of Curiosities Show 94 – Cabinet of Corfield

Paul Corfield.
Jan 1, 1965 – Nov 24, 2019

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away…”
— Terry Pratchett (Reaper Man (Discworld, #11; Death, #2))

Back in September 2018,
I approached Paul about doing a show with him where he picked all the tracks from his massive list of vinyl
and we had a chat about his music picks.
For various reasons, it didn’t get any further than the planning phase, but we had settled on a playlist before it got shelved.
It’s a bloody amazing playlist.
And in honour of Paul, I’m going to play it this week.
Yes. Even The Smiths.
Join us in a celebration of Paul’s music,
from 8-10, Wednesday 4th December
only on