Hi, my name is Terri MacDonald, known as @xmorpheus.


So what is a Cabinet of Curiosities?

Historically, the powerful and rich liked to gather together all kinds of strange artifacts from around the world, to show off their wealth and education.  These items were sometimes genuine archaeological treasures and natural wonders – and others, bunkum fakes that would make PT Barnum blush!

All these items would be jumbled together in a specially designed cabinet – they were rarely organised in any categories we’d recognise today – their proximity was solely based on how well they went together and if they formed a theme.

So that’s the format of the show.  Each week, there will be a subject given.

The idea is that you can pick something that you think goes with the theme.  It doesn’t have to be from any specific  year, specific artist or specific genre – it just has to be linked in some way to the theme of the show.  If it’s an obscure link, well, that’s part of the fun!

At the end of each show, we’ll announce the theme for the next show and we would be delighted if you wanted to make some requests.

I really hope you’ll enjoy the show.

For Social Media participation, we’ll be chatting on Twitter in #xmcab and on Facebook.