Hello there, Intrepid Listener, and thanks for visiting!

I’d like to say a little bit about the Requests process on CabinetOf.

I’m absolutely delighted to receive your requests. However, for reasons of time and content, it’s not always possible to include every single request I get in the next show.

If your request doesn’t get played, please don’t be downhearted!

I really appreciate the time you take to make the request and I’m keeping a list of every request I receive. If I can’t find a way to work it into a later show theme, I plan to have shows from time to time that will be dedicated to Curious Requests. So one day, you’ll get that play!

Sometimes, I may not play the exact version of a song that you’ve requested – this is the Cabinet of Curiosities after all, and we’re dedicated to the musical road less taken – but we don’t substitute on a whim, and every substitution has been carefully chosen to try to balance your request with the maximum amount of curiousness!  I can’t help it – sometimes the versions I find are just too much fun to pass up – so please indulge me! 🙂

Making Requests

To help me track the requests, it would be massively helpful if you could use these ways to make a request:


Submitted requests are in the “Twitter” section of the Recent Requests page.

Tweet to #xmcab including the word request, the track and artist, and the theme you’re requesting it for


Download the Cabinet of Curiosities skill for Alexa and simply tell her to add your request!

Post your request on the Cabinetof Facebook Page

Emails to

If you use one of these channels, then there will always be a record of your request so I don’t miss it in the shuffle! 🙂

It’s always possible I may miss a request and if that happens, I sincerely apologise – it is unintentional on my part and feel free to remind me from time to time!!

Thanks again for listening, and keep those requests coming.

For a list of Recent Requests, click here.